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Russell Kennedy

Welcome message from the President of Icograda

On behalf of the Icograda Executive Board and our members in 67 countries and regions around the globe, I welcome you to join us at the first Icograda Design Week 2011, taking place in Vilnius, Lithuania, this coming May.

The Lithuanian Graphic Design Association, a Professional member organisation of Icograda since 1999, is our host for this interdisciplinary international design programme - bringing together designers, thought leaders and business innovators as collaborators

Through the theme of 'Spring', Icograda Design Week in Vilnius 2011 will explore design as a powerful process that transitions ideas into functional realities.

Together participants will examine design as a basis for development – a tool that can be used to advance the best interests of humanity and the ecology.

Icograda regards the Icograda Design Week in Vilnius 2011 as an opportunity to strengthen and develop existing relationships and create new partherships with key stakeholders and decision makers driving the global agenda.

I invite you to be part of this vital dialogue and help seed and nurture design ideas for the future. We look forward to seeing you all in Vilnius in May 2011.


Russell Kennedy
Icograda President 2009-2011


Gediminas Lašas

Welcome message from the President of LGDA

This spring is very special for the Lithuanian Graphic Design Association (LGDA). We have the great honour of hosting Spring: Icograda Design Week in Vilnius 2011, the only Icograda Design Week to take place this year.

The year 2011 is distinct for us as 50 years ago the Department of design at Vilnius Academy of Arts was established. We treat this event as the beginning of the development of contemporary design in Lithuania. It is very symbolic – we will hold key events of Spring 2011 at Vilnius Academy of Arts. This is not a traditional venue for conferences, but we believe it will bring a special spirit to all events. Vilnius Academy of Arts is situated in very heart of the city and here you can feel the long history of Lithuania – over 1000 years.

LGDA will also celebrate its 15-year anniversary in 2011, which is one more reason why this year is special for our association.

Spring 2011 is a great challenge for LGDA and we believe that it will be a fruitful time for all of us. This is a very good opportunity to share ideas with different people from different countries, to discuss problems and look for new ideas (or find forgotten ones...) and Spring forward with design!

I invite you to come to Vilnius and attend Spring 2011. It will be full of exciting events and, I should add, it will come to a close with the ED Awards (European Design Awards) – a significant event for all of us.

I look forward to meeting you at the Icograda Design Week in Vilnius in May!


Gediminas Lašas
LGDA President